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what stress? how to manage it


esthetician/ lifecoach

We all experience stress from time to time, the important part in this and what you should ask yourself is ...why am I feeling stressed and where is it coming from. Another fact to consider is there are different types of stress:

- Normal day-to-day stress… we experience it, deal with it and move on (kinda)!

- Self-induced stress is the kind we bring to ourselves, willingly and unnecessary.

- Then there is chronic stress, the most damaging when we are talking from a perspective of overall health.

So what do you do if you find yourself with any of these, now what?

- Identify the source that creates whatever you are experiencing.

- If it’s something you’ve created, Let. It. Go.

- Lastly, find ways to better deal with stress (change jobs, exercise, move, talk to someone) or better yet, eliminate it before it gets a hold on you!

A good baseline for stress management starts by creating a good self care routine like getting some rest and since good sleep is directly impacted by regular exercise, get moving. Equally important, how you fuel your body will either negatively or positively impact your thoughts/emotions as well as how you look and feel and act or even, react!

So let it out and let it go, whatever that might look like for you. Beat the mattress , punch a pillow, scream out loud, dance with music blasting (my personal favorite), whatever it is…do it! Do what makes you feel good and be consistent! Your body will thank you.