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true sets guidelines for staff returning to work after vacations

in this ever changing world we live in, it seems we are making life altering decisions on a daily basis. while we try to remind ourselves this is all temporary, we've recently implemented some policies we feel we should let you know about.

as we watch the number of COVID cases increase in our community, we are aware of the concern many have regarding safety protocols at true. we've been extremely cautious and always put the health, safety and wellness of our staff and guests at the forefront of each decision we make. these decisions are driven by our core values, one of which is to "lead with transparency."

as summer is upon us, many find themselves longing for the travels of summers past. like many of our guests, we too have team members venturing out on vacations. some have gone to the mountains, others to the beaches and even the grand re-opening of an amusement park. people still want to live their lives and we fully support that decision. however, these scheduled travel plans forced us to take a hard look at a new "return to work" policy.

each employee's travel plans are handled on a case-by-case basis. for some staff, they will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon returning from their travels. a trip to the beach doesn't necessarily mean they must self-quarantine but we do have guidelines in place that help us make our decisions. this policy has made some staff reassess their travel plans, while others have cancelled their plans all together.

it saddens us to find ourselves in a position like this but we feel we cannot be too careful. we have 30+ employees relying on us to be open to sustain their livelihoods. we also have guests we care about and need to feel safe and comfortable when they choose true for their grooming and wellness services. we have always believed "social responsibility is our responsibility" as well as a strong belief in "personal accountability." again, core values that guide us in our decision making process.

we still require masks be worn at all times in true and for team members interacting one-on-one with guests, they must always wear a face shield. we have had to roll back our hand bag policy and are no longer allowing any handbags of any kind in the salon. our chairs remain at 50% of pre-COVID capacity and those missing have found a temporary home in storage. we still take temperatures and ask both employees and guests health and wellness questions upon entry, even if they leave the building and return later. physical distancing is practiced and reminders are posted everywhere in the salon. we have breath guards placed where a 6' distancing is difficult and we are doing our best to ensure you have a relaxing yet expedited service at true.

we appreciate each and every one of you and value your continued support. we recognize you have many choices when choosing a salon | spa. we're so grateful for your patronage.


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