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gents - get a haircut and feel better about yourself


master stylist, men's grooming specialist

Quarantine and isolation have been a trying time for us all. From cleaning the same base board for the sixth time to binge watching our favorite television series over and over again or even going on a responsible walk outdoors while maintaining a safe distance, we have all found our different ways to cope with what the new temporary norms may be. Not being able to do the simplest of things such as getting a haircut or having a drink at your favorite hole in the wall has definitely made being the captain of our own ship, or perhaps a pirate now, more difficult than usual. Fortunately, things seem to appear they could soon shift back to times more familiar normal with businesses being able to open again provided they are responsibly following state mandated guidelines.

Lacking the motivation to "do" something can start when we look in the mirror and say "Eh, not today." Getting back into the swing of things doesn't have to be a difficult. Turn things around by scheduling a hair cut or a beard shaping; start with yourself one step at a time. Relax in a spacious barber chair and watch some TV while we touch up your "Quarantine Cuts." Trust the professionals at true salon|spa to help you step back into the game and feel like yourself again with YOUR hair cut and any resupply of grooming products you may need. The professional modern environment is a place where you can feel confident in the precision and quality of your hair cutting experience. The atmosphere may have changed, but the quality remains. Let us help you be a true gentleman.

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