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bringing back the blowout!

last week, we announced on our social media platforms "blowouts are coming back!" in accordance with COVID-19 mandated guidelines and recommendations for re-opening, blowouts were discouraged in re-opening guidelines for salons that were not single-chair locations. in "normal" times, we have 25 chairs on our salon floor. temporarily removing blow dry services from our menu proved to be a huge disappointment for many of our loyal clients. while several guests were excited about our announcement, one commented on our facebook post with the following, "Can you share the data and professional recommendations you used to make this decision? I know as a customer it would help me to know what’s changed to lead to the relaxation of safety precautions." we replied to her comment but thought it might be a good idea to share with you how we came to this decision. beyond following COVID-19 data from both Georgia and Cobb County, we follow additional data from the beauty industry. organizations such as the Professional Beauty Association and Behind the Chair have been collecting real time information from the salon industry specifically. many states reopened and provided blowouts immediately. while it was not a requirement in Georgia to ban them, it was recommended based on information known at the time. several salons offered blowout services upon reopening; that was nearly one and a half months ago. at true, we chose to be extremely cautious and not offer that service until we had more information on the potential downfalls of air being forced throughout the salon by blow dryers. we've now been open for a month. in that month, we’ve been aware of several salons nationwide that either had employees or guests who, after being exposed to others in the salon environment, tested positive for COVID-19. in each case, it cannot be traced to the salon as a site of their infection. we believe because of the many measures our industry has put in place and are following strictly, we are far less likely to transmit or receive the virus because of blow drying the hair. we will NOT be relaxing any of our other measures which include face masks being required at all times in the salon, face shields worn by our team that interacts with guests when a breathe guard is not present, taking temperatures at the door and completing a health questionnaire for each guest and foregoing our value-added services of a hot steam towel and a hand massage with every shampoo. additionally, we limit the items both employees and guests bring into the salon (no handbags that are not worn over your shoulder and remain on your body for your entire visit) and practice sanitation measures between each guest. salons are proving to be extremely safe places. we will continue to limit contact with guests and do our best to have you in and out as quickly as possible while providing you with the strong, technical service you have come to expect from true and will be happy with when you leave our salon. come on in and get your blowout!

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