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true salon|spa is a values-based business. our core values serve as the foundation for all decision-making in our company. from the moment you enter our salon|spa, you will be met by these values and a reassurance of our dedication to providing you the highest quality service, attention and care.


learning never ends -  from continuing education for our staff to new and innovative ways to address business development, growth and challenges, we're committed to learning daily. continued education and training is the lifeblood of our industry and without it we would become lifeless. to that point, each team member must complete our challenging training programs - from our dedicated support staff who complete trueU to our talented service providers who attend and/or conduct in-salon education weekly, it isn't just required but more "desired," because our quest to be the best we can be is strong.  additionally, advancement within our company is tied directly to professional training. we are a company dedicated to impeccable quality in all that we do.


kindness matters -  authentic kindness promotes empathy, passion and gratitude.  these feelings connect us to others and cannot be taught. we believe in order to serve our guests with an open heart and hands, true kindness is required.   while kindness isn't an act, you will see acts of kindness are on display regularly at true


social responsibility is our responsibility - our actions, products and and services should always embody excellence and have a positive impact on our community therefore, we believe strongly in our social responsibility. our incredible team is responsible for raising both money and awareness for organizations such as the chattahoochee river keepers, the georgia environmental organization, beautyAID, multiple sclerosis  and the susan g. komen breast cancer foundation.  additionally, we believe our actions should always embody excellence and have a positive impact on our community. 

act with integrity - it is the hallmark of sound moral and ethical principles. while it comes naturally when things are good, it's the difficult times that test one's integrity.  honesty and trust are central to integrity. as a company, we believe in acting with honor, integrity and thoughtfulness in all our decision making, communications and difficult conversations.  

lead with transparency - how we communicate information to each other internally is as important as how we communicate with our guests. from price increases (because the cost of our supplies increased several times since our last increase) to turning a negative review into a teachable moment, we believe transparency is the most honest and forthright way to communicate the good and the bad.  if you speak your mind respectfully, contribute authentically and have pure motives, there is nothing to hide.

personal accountability - we value the ability of our team to individually honor our commitments to clients and to each other. we take ownership of our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible.  accountability means more than just doing our job, it includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things in ways that further the goals of our organization. we believe we are answerable for our actions.

at true, beauty isn't physical, it's energy, vitality and confidence in the true you.  we are committed to resourcing the best team members, training, education, products, and customer service available in and outside our industry, and offering it to you, open-handed.  we trust you will enjoy working with our amazingly talented team and we personally guarantee each and every visit.


yours in service,

lynda b.  & c.marie

our company, our values
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