yupin is probably one of the sweetest and most caring people you will will ever know. passionate about cutting, she will be honest on what will work for you. she takes precision to a new level regularly, even if its one hair at a time. she is inspired by new techniques and loves all forms of education to continually improve her skills.

outside the salon, she is quite the runner. yupin has run many marathons, and loves talking about them just as much. so, if you bring up the subject, she will love you forever. besides running, she loves to travel and has traveled to places like run yet another marathon. She’s obviously very active and is always ready to start her day, always with a smile and a warm heart.

originally from thailand, she often shares her culture with our team and guests through cooking, stories and her kind actions. never seen her in a bad mood, she always shows up focused and ready to seize the day.
our team will tell you being around yupin always makes for a beautiful day. once you meet her, you will know too.