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true talent

simone's love for our industry started at a young age. a shadow to her nana, she would tag along to the salon when her nana had to work and would sit with her when she'd have her done. when she moved to georgia in middle school, she reminesced about those times and dreamed of being in our industry someday.

upon graduation from high school, she wasted no time following her dream and enrolled in cosmetology school. in an environment focused on the beauty industry, she discovered waxing and skin care and her passion grew. look for her to offer these services as well once she completes her advanced training and joins our team on the floor.

simone joined true team as an assistant in october 2021 while still enrolled in school. working full time, she was still able to graduate at the top of her class. always willing too learn new things, new techniques and practice the things she loves, simone is a passionate and determined when it comes to her craft.

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