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The Best Food for Beautiful Skin

When it comes to our skin, many of us think that we are born with a certain type – oily, dry, redness, etc. and that there is nothing we can do to alter it. And, while to some degree that might be true, there are still a number of actions we can take to promote healthier skin. From the products we use, to the environment we live/work in, there are things in our world that play a role in our skin’s appearance. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept that every nuance of our skin’s appearance. In fact, there are steps we can take to improve how our skin looks. Perhaps one of the most important is by watching what we eat.

We all know that our diet plays a part in every aspect of our lives, so it only makes sense that it affects our skin, too. So, if these foods are not a part of your diet, consider adding them as often as possible.

·      Red Fruits and Veggies – Foods such as tomatoes, purple cabbage, papaya, guava, and watermelon are rich in lycopene and are known for helping to reduce inflammation, and even help prevent wrinkles. Lycopene has also been shown to protect against sun damage thus lowering risks of skin cancer.

·      Fish – Salmon, mackerel, and herring are all fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Increasing your intake of these nutrients will make your skin supple, and add moisture, while minimizing skin redness, acne and sensitivity to UV rays. In addition to the omega 3, these fatty fish are also great sources for zinc, protein and Vitamin E, which help provide antioxidants, vitality, and promote quicker healing for damaged skin.

·      Avocados – Like fish, these are rich in healthy fats. Increasing your avocado intake will help keep skin moisturized and flexible. They are also rich in Vitamin C, which your body uses to create collagen. Skin lacking in Vitamin C is more prone to bruising, will be drier and can become rough.

·      Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Red and Yellow Bell Peppers and Spinach – These are an excellent source of Vitamin A as well as beta carotene, both of which work as natural sunblock thus sheltering your skin from the rays of the sun. Peppers are also rich in Vitamin C, so they are an easy way to your intake.

·      Dark Chocolate – With all the veggies listed, you might be wondering if you could have desserts.  No worries – dark chocolate to the rescue. Studies have found dark chocolate is high in antioxidants thus promoting healthier, more hydrated skin, plus it improves blood flow, skin texture and skin thickness.

·      Green Tea – With all the foods, let’s not forget what we drink! After all, we know that plenty of water is a must to healthy skin, but sometimes we need a change – enter green tea. Rich in a compound known as catechins, green tea is improves moisture, and adds elasticity to the skin.

·      Red Wine – Not a tea drinker? Then enjoy a class of red wine and help fight the production of free radicals which damage the skin and cause signs of aging. Like anything, it should be consumed in moderation, but it does make a nice alternative.

Having clear, healthy skin can be accomplished, and it might not even require the use of special creams or strong cleaners. Start adding these vitamin rich foods to your diet and get ready to enjoy the results. For questions about products for skin care, be sure to talk to one of true Salon’s estheticians – we are always happy to help you with all your beauty needs.


10 Ways to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

We all have them. Those days where it doesn’t matter what we want to do with our hair, it just doesn’t work.  And of course, these days always seem to be the ones where we really don’t have time to spend re-doing the style! This hair frustration often makes us aggravated for far longer than it needs to – or worse, leads us to make impulsive hair decisions that leave us more frustrated.

Ugh – we know – the struggle is real!

So, for those days when it seems like having the look we want is elusive, and we need a simple fix that won’t leave us ill, here are some ways to disguise a bad hair day.

How to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

1.     Pull it up into a teased bun.  If your hair is already a bit frizzy, just tease a bit more, then swirl it into a messy chignon.

2.     If your hair is oily, put it into tight braids, pile it on top of your head and then finish with a glossing spray to make it look like you wanted your hair to look shiny.

3.     Live in a region where humidity is common? (Georgia, anyone?) Then use a little bit of castor oil on your hair to tame the effects of humid weather.

4.     For a simple solution for a bad hair day, try parting your hair on the opposite side. Often, this will result in giving your hair more volume or better shape.

5.     When humidity is especially high, skip the conditioner and pre-styling products, then blow dry your hair in small sections, alternating between the heat and cooling setting. Once you style your hair, apply an even coating of a hold/humidity defense product.

6.     For bangs that just won’t lay right, consider a hairline braid that you pin behind your ear.  To help the braid stay together better, lightly mist your bangs with a texturizing spray before braiding.

7.     Correct unwanted hair creases that appear overnight by using a curling iron to smooth and blend, while leaving a beachy, undone appearance.

8.     Are your natural curls bordering on frizzy? Then flip your head upside down and fluff out the hair at the nape of your neck This will add volume from underneath and help keep surface curls defined.

9.     Use dry shampoo to minimize moisture.

10.  When all else fails, get creative with turbans, hats, scarves, etc. After all, they are the perfect way to brighten up your look!

Bad hair days are going to happen. It may be due to humidity, rain, a new hair product or any number of factors, but you don’t have to let bad hair days get you down. Try out some of these solutions. Who knows, you might even find a new style to love!

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6 Pitfalls of Pinterest

We have all been there. We know it is time for a change in our hairstyle, beauty routine or perhaps how we have our nails done. But knowing it is time for a new look and figuring out what the new you will look like is not always simple. So, we talk to friends, flip through magazines, and of course, peruse Pinterest for styles that, we believe, will suit us.

Each of these options have their value in a search for a new look, but one in particular can actually cause more damage than good. Which one? Pinterest (followed closely by magazine articles). We have all seen the Pinterest fails pics of furniture re-creations, art projects, and cake decorating where things went inexplicably wrong. But, there are just as many pitfalls for hair and beauty pins.

1.     Pinterest often only shows a portion of the hairstyle – typically just the front or on occasion, the front and the sides.

2.     Your hairstylist knows what type of hair you have and how it can be styled to show off your features. Pinterest doesn’t know you personally.

3.     In some cases, people see posts on Pinterest as tutorials, so then attempt to color or cut their own hair using the concepts shown. However, without proper training one is more likely to ruin their hair and end up needing to have a hairstylist color, cut and re-style your hair.

4.     Not every beauty tip is truly helpful for your skin and hair. Yes, using natural products and blends like lemon and honey, herbs, fruits and veggies are good for your skin. But there is more to it than just glopping them on your skin or hair and expecting them to work miracles. The Aveda team has spent a long time creating natural, safe products specifically designed to improve your skin, add body to your hair and protect your scalp. Your Pinterest boards are not sure solutions to always looking beautiful.

5.     The nail art is misleading. Again, it might look easy and straightforward, but just how long do you have to recreate their process? Often, those “simple and easy” nail art designs are much more involved than purported.

6.     Like the nail art, those 5-minute hairstyles shown on Pinterest quite often take more time than touted.

Pinterest has its place and there are many great ideas to learn from it. And, you can even find some hairstyle posts that show a particular look from multiple angles, or those that give simple, realistic approaches to skin or nail related changes. But, that doesn’t make Pinterest the go to for all things beauty. Rather, think of it as a springboard. You might want to show your stylist an image that you like, but if you are willing to leave them some room to adapt that style to your facial shape and hair type then you will be far more pleased with the finished look.

The pitfalls of Pinterest are there and if you are not careful or can’t find the products or tools suggested then you may find yourself heading to true Salon for damage repair.  Fortunately, our team can repair the damage and have your hair healthy and looking its best. Give true Salon a call today.

9 Reasons to Get a Facial

Woman receiving relaxing anti-aging facialWith summer weather in full swing, we are always eager to show off our skin’s sun-kissed glow. We might lighten the shades of make-up we use or perhaps change our hair color, but the goal is simple – we want to show off our look. There are many different ways to enhance our look, but one of the simplest is by getting frequent facials.

We all know the value of washing off the makeup and using a cleanser designed for our skin type, but having a facial is an even better approach to putting our best face forward. A true Salon esthetician will be able to use natural products designed to enhance your skin and show it off. If you have never had a facial, consider these reasons to talk to a true Salon pro about a facial.

1.     A professional facial makes it much easier to determine what type of skin you have so that you can be sure you are using the best skin care products.

2.     The exfoliation process at true Salon is designed to cater to your skin’s needs so that it leaves you with smoother skin, increased cellular turnover, softer lines and minimize skin discoloration.

3.     Do you have trouble with blackheads and clogged pores? Then frequent facials will keep pores clean, and minimize blackheads and other impurities, but not damaged your skin. Getting a facial during the summer is especially important as it minimizes breakouts caused by extra perspiration.

4.     All of us need for our skin to be well hydrated. A facial will add moisture to your skin and help it retain your youthful glow.

5.     Just as having a pedicure helps stimulate the blood flow and circulation in our feet, a facial increases circulation in one’s face. In addition to the natural products used, the massage will stimulate the cells and help bring new nutrients to the skin.

6.     No one likes to hear the word “cancer”. By having facials, your esthetician will not any abnormalities and can alert you to any signs that you might want to see a doctor.

7.     Relax. A facial is great way to relax and unwind after a long day/week. You will be able to simply sit back and relax while someone else does the “work”.

8.     Regardless of one’s age, having a facial will promote skin that is healthy, strong, and more resistant to the effects of aging. In fact, a facial has been shown to reduce skin issues such as, under eye bags, sagging lids, dark circles, puffiness, dry or peeling lips, fine lines, surface wrinkles, scarring, redness, smoker’s skin and visible capillaries.

9.     A facial can help correct certain skin conditions such as overexposure to Ultraviolet Rays from the sun.

So, are you ready to help your skin look more beautiful than ever? Are you eager to take some years off your look? Then contact true Salon today.  You will be glad you did.

9 Benefits of Waxing

waxing eyebrowsWith summer rapidly approaching, our thoughts turn to beach trips, pool parties, shorter skirts and sun-kissed skin. And, with so many opportunities for fun, no one wants to have to spend extra time on things like shaving one’s legs, or other areas that are more visible.  Thankfully, there is an alternative to shaving every other day – waxing.

While most of us think of waxing as an alternative to shaving away unwanted body hair, there are also a number of significant benefits in waxing – many of which might be some unsung heroes. Consider these advantages of waxing:

·      Typically, waxing will last for a minimum of 3 weeks, with some people reporting that it has lasted as many as 8 weeks before the hair begins to re-grow. With frequent waxing, the length between appointments will get longer as continued waxing impedes hair growth. In some instances, the hair follicle itself will be weakened which means the hair may not come back for even longer periods of time.

·      Although waxing is most often associated with the legs or eyebrows, it can be used virtually anywhere you have unwanted hair growth.

·      Unlike shaving creams with their harsh chemicals that can cause pigmentation, rashes and the nicks and cuts associated with using a razor, waxing is a totally natural process so it does not have a negative effect on your skin.

·      When the hair does begin to grow back, it is softer and finer, rather than showing as ugly stubble. In addition, it will not grow back thicker

·      Unlike other hair removal processes that don’t work with all hair types or colors, textures or skin type, waxing works as well on the hairs on your legs as it does on finer hair that may be found on the upper lip.

·      Waxing can be used to remove both small and large areas of hair, as for larger areas it is only a matter of using a bigger piece of cloth and more wax.

waxing legs

·      Waxing is both cost and time effective. Waxing, depending on where it is being used, takes between 15 and minutes and one hour. As to cost, while that may vary from place to place, when one thinks of the plethora of shaving supplies (razors, lotions, gels, etc.) to buy, waxing is your better investment.

·      Waxing doesn’t just remove the hair at the root, but it also serves as an exfoliation process, since it removes dead skin cells as the wax is pulled away.

·      Contrary to what one might think, waxing does not hurt as salons use a product designed to make the process painless.

Waxing is a safe alternative to shaving. So, as you gear up for summertime fun, be sure to make a waxing appointment at true Salon. You will be pleased with the results and love the way your skin feels.

What Your Hairstyle Says About You

curly hairWhile everyone knows that what matters about a person is what’s on the inside, the reality is that we project much of who we are through the styles we choose – be it through clothing, hair, make up or accessories. And while some of those expressions of self may seem obvious, one that often surprises people is that our hairstyle reflects who we are, too.

Types of Hairstyles and What They Say

Before delving into each style, it is important to note that the attributes applied are not going to fit in every circumstance, but are more generalizations. However, it might surprise you as to accurate they may be – whether applied to yourself or others you know.

Long and Straight – The sleek, straight style is associated with a determined, perfectionist whose goal is to be taken more seriously in both your personal and professional life.  Keep these long locks looking their best with an Aveda product such as Smooth Infusion.

The Bob -  The style has been around for decades and is always a great look – no matter the shape of your face or your hair type. Those who sport this classic look are said to be easy going but determined and able to adapt easily to new situations.

Natural Curls – Staying natural and showing off who you are, natural curls reflect someone who is open, loving and remarkably patient. You tend to embrace a free-spirited lifestyle and typically look for the best in people.  Show off your curls with the Be Curly line from Aveda.

Medium Length – Medium length (shoulder length or just below) hair represents a logical thinker who values common sense. In addition, people with medium length hair are often direct and competitive, yet can be frustrated often.

Pixie Cuts – These can take on a range of styles and looks, but regardless of the style the short look lets people know that you are a woman who is creative, intuitive, strong and confident. However, they can often come across as shy – until they determine someone is trustworthy. It should also be noted that a short hairstyle is generally viewed as more professional in the work place.

Straighten Natural Curls – If you are frequently reaching for that straightener to smooth out those curly locks then it may reflect a need to order the chaos you feel is in your life, and find a balance.  Just be sure that before you reach for that flat iron, you first use Brilliant Damage Control from Aveda.

Curling Straight Hair – The theory on this is that those with straight hair who frequently curl it are spunky and fun-loving, people just looking for a little bit more adventure. Just be sure to always use a heat protectant on your hair before making waves!

Bangs – If you love having bangs, then chances are that you are a natural leader and a confident person with little time to waste with who are intimidated by it. However, don’t be fooled, those bangs often hide a wild side, too.

So, what do you think? How apt is the correlation of your hairstyle and your personality? Chances are, you thought of at least one friend these descriptions fit perfectly. And, hopefully, that made you smile.

And now the most important question -what will your next hairstyle be?  If you are considering something new, and want it to be just right for you, talk to one of the true Salon stylist. They are happy to help you decide on style, color, or any other questions you might have about a look that is uniquely yours. Give us a call today.

Are Natural Skin and Hair Products Really that Important?

Aveda Beautifying 14Consider these facts from Tree Hugger:

·      Out of the 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products approved by the US government, only 11% of them have been documents and publicly assessed for safety.

·      There are only 10 ingredients that have been banned from US cosmetics. However, the European Union has banned more than 1,110 personal care products due to concerns linked to birth defects, cancer or reproductive issues.

·      20% of the approved personal care products sold contain at least 1 chemical linked with cancer.

·      22% of cosmetics available have been contaminated with possible cancer causing 1,4 dioxane.

These statistics alone are enough to cause many consumers to opt for using all natural products. But much of the public remains unaware of the value of making the change from synthetic to natural products. At true Salon, we not only want you to look great, but want you to feel great, too. Consequently, we opt to use Aveda products which are designed to boost your hair and skin naturally and safely.

Benefits of Using Natural Beauty Products

If you have ever wondered about the value of natural beauty products versus synthetic, then you are not alone. After all, for many years there were few choices in the types of beauty products available. However, thanks to many proponents of the use of natural products, now one can easily opt for better beauty aids and procedures. Here are some additional reasons to make the swap to using natural skin and hair products.

·      Natural skin and hair products are gentler on you. While synthetic products may seem to make your skin and hair softer, over time they will build up and cause hair and skin to dry out.  In addition, the lack of chemicals means no contaminants such as fillers and irritants.

·      Synthetic products generally contain parabens in order to extend their shelf life and mimic the body’s hormones. However, some skin care specialists fear that this can have adverse effects. By using products such as those made by Aveda which use natural ingredients like grapefruit seed extract, you can bypass this concern.

·      People are more likely to be allergic to synthetic products than natural ones, so using natural skin and hair products risks an allergic reaction. Also, artificial fragrances are common in synthetics and frequently cause headaches – natural products avoid this side effect.

·      Better for the environment. The manufacturing of synthetic products causes chemicals to be released into the air and water. The making of natural products is safer as fewer – if any- chemicals are involved.

·      Natural products have quicker results. In fact, in most cases, you can see a difference in just one use.

Natural skin and hair products are designed to work with your body, not against it. And, as our body absorbs up to 60% of what it comes into contact with, don’t you want those items to be healthy for you? Consequently, a natural beauty care product will be free of artificial colors or fragrances, isopropyl alcohol, all parabens, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, ureas, DEA, TEA, MEA and formaldehyde. So, if you are looking to go all natural on your beauty products, be sure to read product list carefully.

The true Salon team is here to answer your questions about skin and hair care. We know that looking awesome is important to you, and we are here to help you do just. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment, or come by the salon to upgrade your beauty routine. We can’t wait to help you!

How to Choose the Right Hair Brush

hair 1We all want out hair to have that “I just left the salon” look to it – even on the days where we were no near the salon! But many of us do not have the same tools at our disposal that the salon does. However, there are things we can do to achieve that salon perfect hair. From the types of hair products we use, to the styling tools and brushes, having the right tools for the job makes a big difference.

But how does one know what type of brush to use to achieve that salon look? After all, perusing the brush and comb aisle of the store can be as overwhelming as trying to choose from one flavor of ice cream! Here are some tips for selecting the best hair brush for your hair.

What Type of Hair Brush Should You Be Using?

Adding Volume/Fine Hair – For adding volume to fine hair, use a small natural bristle brush for teasing and back-combing. This will help lock the strands together and add volume without causing breakage, as well as give the soft brushed-out textures of vintage waves.  A particular favorite is a natural boar bristle brush as it also helps to stimulate the scalp, distribute oils through your hair, and help detangle.

Curly Hair – Consider a blend of boar and nylon bristles that are evenly spaced so that you can create high shine curls and waves. As with any brush made with boar bristles, oils are distributed so a soft brushed out texture is achieved.  It is best used when styling dry hair, without the use of heat.  This type of brush is great for medium to thick hair.

Wet or Dry Fine Hair – Fine hair is fragile and breaks even easier when wet than when dry. One of the most recommended brushes is one with wide spaced pins and a natural rubber cushion as it easily moves through wet or dry hair without causing damage.  Sometimes referred to as the Denman brush, this brush can actually be customized to suit your needs as the rows of bristles can be removed.

The Wet Brush -  Perfect for any type of hair, but especially if your hair tangles easily when wet. It is not very useful for blowouts or styling but it is perfect for detangling without pain.

Frizzy Hair - Grab a plastic paddle brush and get ready to be surprised. This large brush covers a great deal of hair surface and not only detangles, but helps to minimize frizz, too. It is perfect for wet or dry hair, and can be used with or without heat.

Oily Hair – If your hair seems to produce too much oil, then stay away from brushes with densely packed bristles and opt for widely spaced, nylon bristle brushes instead.

Need Body? – To add body and curls to your hair, use a metal round brush. If you use it while blow drying your hair, it will work as a curling iron and have similar results. As with a curling wand, the size of the curl is related to the size of the brush barrel. Keep in mind that this brush should not be used by someone with thin, fragile hair.

Choosing the right hair brush doesn’t have to overwhelming. Just like ice cream is typically good, it doesn’t mean that all the flavors suit your personal taste. Hairbrushes are the same.  Using one is important, but not all of them work on every hair type. Use these tips, and be sure to talk to your true Salon hair stylist to learn what tools will give you salon style every day of the week.

9 Tips for Wonderful Wintertime Hair

winter hair Winter time is officially here and with it comes colder weather that is often quite tough on our hair. From our wearing hats more often to the harsh winds and cold temperatures, this is the season for added breakage and dry locks. However, we don’t have to simply muddle through until spring. There are things that can be done now to keep your tresses looking beautiful from sun up to sundown, and beyond.

9 Tips for Wonderful Wintertime Hair 

1.     Minimize the used of heated appliances. If it is necessary to use a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer be sure to spray in heat protectant such as Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control Spray.

2.     Don’t clarify your locks over frequently. This time of year, it is better to use products that will not cause build up. Aveda has a variety of shampoos and conditioners designed to protect your hair without leaving a silicone residue behind. Talk to your stylist to learn which products are best suited for your hair.

3.     Minimize brushing. Brush bristles can be damaging and cause split ends. Opt instead for a wide tooth comb and using a detangling product such as Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. If a hair brush is a must, opt for a vented brush that has a combination of plastic and boar bristles.

4.     During the winter, a dryer often itchier, scalp is common. To keep your scalp and hair healthy, go natural with this at home approach: a couple of tablespoons of olive or coconut oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Heat the oil for a couple of seconds until it is warm and then mix it with the lemon juice. Massage the oil into your scalp and leave it in for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it out with shampoo and conditioner. This can be used as often as once a week.

5.     Wash your hair in lukewarm water, rather than hot as this will help maintain the natural oils that protect and nourish your hair.

6.     When you do need to wear a beanie or other style of hat, first wrap your hair in a silk scarf to avoid damage from the elements. The silk will also minimize the amount of static in your hair.

7.     Keep your haircut maintained, to reduce the amount of split ends, and to remove any that may have occurred. After having split ends removed, ask your stylist about using an end protectant to seal them as this will keep your hair healthier.

8.     You can also keep the ends of your hair looking great by wearing buns or updos as much as possible, or when wearing a braid or twist style, tucking the ends away to keep them protected.

9.     Avoid hair products with humectants in them as these will actually cause your hair to dry out.

Having gorgeous winter hair doesn’t have to be a dream. By taking proactive measures, using the right hair products and simple maintenance you can have beautiful hair all year around. Talk to the team at true to learn how we can help you achieve the wintertime hair you have always wanted.

Aveda’s Customized Anti-Aging Treatments

True Salon Atlanta - Renate FloydAnti-aging and looking radiant and fresh is on everyone’s mind these days. Aveda offers a variety of customized treatments such as its Dual Exfoliation Treatment designed to immediately improve skin texture, clarity and radiance, while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and refining pores.

Our plant powered Thermal Peel retexturizes and smooths fine lines with the instant benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without the associated redness or irritation.

Woman receiving relaxing anti-aging facialAlso experience the ancient Ayurvedic practice of dry brushing with our new Tulasara Oleation Treatment, which helps to release toxins from the skin, removes dead skin cells, and increases lymphatic action and microcirculation.

This season, let’s see what your skin is asking for.

Tulasara treatment aveda salon