Welcome to true Salon Spa

true Salon|Spa is a values-based business. Our core values serve as the foundation for all decision making in our company. From the moment you pass through our door you will be met by these values, a reassurance of our dedication to providing you the highest quality service, attention and care.

One of our core values everyone working with our company must be aligned with is a commitment to continuing education. We strongly believe that learning never ends. Continuing education and training is the lifeblood of our industry and without it, well, we would become voiceless. To that point, each team member must complete our challenging training programs – from our dedicated support staff that train in trueU to our talented service providers who attend and/or conduct In-Salon education weekly. Moreover, advancement within our company is tied directly to professional training. We are a company dedicated to impeccable quality in all that we do. Read More